Igli Pustina


Igli, Mauro, Arian and Devi started this adventure 12 years ago, when there was no real voice protecting and training passionate volunteer divers in Albania

Mauro Pazzi

Didactic Director

Mauro is our didactic expert, campaigning with Igli since day one. Teaching us valuable information about diving, training and expedites of underwater world.

Devi Ziso

Technical Director

Devi is one of the first volunteers that started working along side Igli, Mauro and Arian. Full with passion in diving, Devi is always there, as our technical director.

Cesare Balzi

Technical Director of Diving

Cesare is our technical director of diving, active for many years, loving to get in, connect with underwater life, and explore it.

Artur Mecollari

Marine Historical Expert

Artur is our Marine historical Expert, loving to get in history and connect with underwater life. He is serving us valuable information about ancient marine history and underwater culture.

Florian Kapllani

General Secretary

Florian started working hard, helping new divers and campaigning with Igli from day one. He is general secretary of Albanian Diving federation.

Eni Metaj

Director of Marketing and Projects

Eni is our director of marketing and projects. She started working along side Igli and Florian, dedicated to Albanin Diving Federation