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Unseen beauty

The underwater world has an impressive variety of life and only diving can bring us in contact with these gifts of nature. At every dive you can encounter new forms of life, some never seen before (unless you are marine biologists eh). You don’t need to go dive on the World’s best diving sites to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

Secrets of the Depth

Underwater ancient history

Not exposed for decades, Albanian waters are full of artifacts and are trying to record them. For archaeologists, the value of these artifacts lies in the historical moments they represent, rather than in the rubies and golds they may have. Seeing them, they reveal to us the secrets of depth.

“Conserving nature must become the very essence of who we are”

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I am glad to be part of Albanian Divers.
All the campaigns are amazing and the underwater life is breathless!

Igli Pustina

Thanks to my great love for the sea and for travel, I begin to photograph even underwater, a specialization that in the future will give me the greatest satisfaction.

Mauro Pazzi

Always in search of valuable information about ancient marine history and underwater culture.

Artur Mecollari

Our gallery

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so that’s why we always want to document our campaigns. Immerse yourself in our past projects, with these wonderful images taken by our passionate divers.