Marine Protected Areas

On 29 July 2022, after a long process, a new marine protected area was proclaimed in Albania, the Porto Palermo Natural Park.

Porto-Palermo Bay is a unique site in Albania and is home to threatened species included in Annex II of the Protocol concerning Specially Protected Areas and Biological Diversity to the Barcelona Convention.

The Porto-Palermo Bay now becomes the 5th Marine Protected Area in Albania.

List of Marine Protected Areas:

  1. Karaburun – Sazan, 125.27 km²
  2. Vjosë – Nartë, 197.38 km²
  3. Divjakë – Karavasta, 222.3 km²
  4. Patok – Fushëkuqe – Ishëm, 50.01 km²
  5. Porto Palermo Bay, 15.50 km²

To view each zone with graphical details, you can drag and zoom in on the map in this page.