Wreck easily accessible in the bay of the port of Saranda, depth from 25 meters up to 3 meters from the surface

The transport ship “Probitas” sank On September 25, 1943, sunk by German Ju 87 aircraft.

The previous day, due to a breakdown, she was forced to remain in port in the Saranda harbor (Porto Edda as it was called at the time), leaving the convoy to which she belonged together with two other Italian units the motor ship Salvore and the ship from Dubac transport. The latter two, although under attack by the German Stukas, albeit with a lot of damage and almost 300 victims in total, manage to return to Italy. The ship “Probitas”, moored at the dock, was instead sunk, in the afternoon of the 25th, by the German Ju 87 aircraft.

The motor ship PROBITAS (former ANSALDO SAN GIORGIO PRIMO former ANSALDO SAN GIORGIO I), was built in the shipyard of the same name at Muggiano. Completed in March 1919, with construction number 162, it had a tonnage of 5084 tons, a length of 115.2 meters and a width of 15.7 meters.

the dive site is located 200 meters from the beach, in the center of the bay, signaled by a large luminous buoy located above the wreck, in order to warn of the danger to navigation. the hull that rises from 25 meters deep up to 3 meters from the surface. A mountain of over 5,000 tons of about 120 meters long in 25 meters of water.

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