On 29 July 2022, after a long process, a new marine protected area was proclaimed in Albania, the Porto Palermo Natural Park.

Albanian Diving Federation welcomes the decision of the Albanian authorities (dated 29 July 2022) to declare the Porto-Palermo Bay a “Nature Park”.

The protected area in Porto-Palermo Bay comprises marine and coastal landscapes and covers a total area of 1,694.98 hectares including 1,490.4 hectares of protected marine area.

Porto-Palermo Bay is a unique site in Albania and is home to threatened species included in Annex II of the Protocol concerning Specially Protected Areas and Biological Diversity to the Barcelona Convention.

The Porto-Palermo Bay now becomes the 5th Marine Protected Area in Albania.

List of Marine Protected Areas:

  1. Karaburun – Sazan, 125.27 km²
  2. Vjosë – Nartë, 197.38 km²
  3. Divjakë – Karavasta, 222.3 km²
  4. Patok – Fushëkuqe – Ishëm, 50.01 km²
  5. Porto Palermo Bay, 15.50 km²

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