• Date: June 6, 1916
  • Vesel Name: SS Lukrum

On June 6, 1916, two MAS of the Royal Italian Navy (Motorskaf Anti-Commercial Motoscafo), attacked and hit with a torpedo the Austro-Hungarian transport ship SS “LOKRUM” in the ranks of Durrës.

SS “Lokrum” was a mixed transport ship. it was launched on 15 September 1908 and became operational on 27 September 1909. The ship had a tonnage of 924 tons and a speed of 14 knots.

The operation to strike the Austro-Hungarian naval forces in Durres was organized and led by Brindisi under the direction of Admiral Umbertto Cagni, commander of the Brindisi Naval Base. The operation involved two MAS (MAS 5 and 7), two torpedo boats (34 PN and 38 PN), as well as the French ships “Bonclier”, “Bisson”, “Boutefeu” and “Commandant Riviere”. The plan foresaw that the torpedo boats would tow two MAS to the Durrës line, then they would operate on their own and at the end of the operation they would be towed back to Brindisi. French ships would patrol the bay of Durres and secure the attack group from outside. MAS 5 was commanded by Lieutenant Captain Alfredo Berardinelli and MAS 7 by Captain Gennaro Pagano di Melito.idunt molestie, justo lorem scelerisque tellus, vitae aliquet nunc ante eu tellus. Nulla vel sem vitae elit accumsan interdum etanunc. Proin molestie feugiat.

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