Hungarian Austro merchant shipwreck from 1918. Depth about 40 meters (131 feet)

SS Linz was a 3820-ton merchant ship, built in 1909 and owned at the time of its loss by Austrian Lloyd. LINZ was requisitioned by the Austrian army and used for the transport of troops and prisoners on Albanian routes.

During the journey from Rijeka to Durres and accompanying SMS Balaton TB – 74 and TB – 98, LINZ was sunk on 19 March 1918, 4 miles northwest of Capo Rodoni (Kepi Rodonit) from an explosion, most likely a mina.

697 lost, including 413 prisoners of war (probably Italian) and 1 Red Cross nurse. 306 were rescued in service involving Balaton and TB – 74 and TB – 98 torpedoes.

TB – 98 was attacked unsuccessfully by the enemy submarine.


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